Snow Making System Master Plan


  • Snow Making System Master Plan   
    Snow is essential for ski resort operation. Due to climate reasons, in China no mountain has enough natural snowfall to meet the business operation needs of a ski resort. Therefore, a snow making system and its water supply facility are quite important for winter business operation. 
    Snow quality has a direct influence on the skiing experience and will influence skiers’ decision regarding where to go skiing. What’s more, the snow making system also has an influence over the opening time of a ski resort, its ski season length and operation cost. 
Pump station for snow making system

  • MAS, as professionals in ski industry, knows very well all existing snow making machines, their performance and each manufacturer’s technical capacity and conducted several snow making machine performance tests. 
    With a sound knowledge of snow making machine performance, and together with information of local weather condition, ski slope scale, snow quantity needed and opening time requirement of a ski resort, MAS is able to work out the most cost effective configuration of a snow making system for the ski resort. MAS has made snow making system designs and data calculation for many ski resorts, and the data calculated can be used not only for investment cost analysis, but also for snow making machine tendering. 

Lift Top Station Design


  • 造雪系统总体规划设计

Beidahu Ski Resort Snow Making System
  • 结合造雪设备的性能、本地的气象条件、雪场雪道规模、造雪量需求和雪场开业的时间要求,雪岭公司能够计算出最佳性价比的造雪系统配置参数。雪岭公司已为多家滑雪场进行了造雪系统设计和相关数据的计算。这些设计数据不仅可用于滑雪场投资成本分析,也可用于造雪系统的设备招标。

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