Existing Ski Resort Profitability Improvement


  • Existing Ski Resort Profitability Improvement 
        MAS is not only professional in building new ski resorts, but also good at existing ski resort profitability upgrading & improving. Since its first attempt in the Chinese market, MAS has helped many ski resorts to do upgrades and extensions of existing ski resort facilities. 
Many ski resorts in China are losing money every year, this is due to mountain selection, master plan or business plan that are not properly done. It can also due to an operating team that is short of training, and their management is not suitable for the mountain business environment. In this situation, MAS is also able to use their advantage in experience to do operation upgrading for a mountain project.
The skier’s market is always in a process of development, changing gradually from a beginner-dominated market to an intermediate & advanced skier dominated market. In order to follow up this market change, it is quite necessary to take some profitability-upgrading measures, as improving efficiency of its existing facilities in order to increase ski slopes’ accommodation capacity, improve activity variety, and enrich ski slope diversity, for the purpose to attract more skiers and further to increase ski resort profitability. 


Aletai JJS Ski Resort Extension Effective Drawings


  • 现有滑雪场盈利能力的提升改造

WANDA CBS International Ski Resort Design Upgrading


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