4 Season Mountain Resort Business & Technical Consultant


  • 4 Season Mountain Resort Business & Technical Consultant
      4-season mountain resorts are situated in remote mountain area, and its constuction is long lasting. Once wrongly invested, there would be no chance to recover the investment. On the contrary, if the investment is made correctly, a long and huge investment return can be guaranteed. 
In China, the ski industry is young, but still on a fast track of development in its early stage. In view of this characteristic of the industry development, MAS is able to use its expertise and know-how to provide a broad range of consultanting services to investors, Such as:
  •  Ski resort master plan & design;
  •  Local market & environment study;
  • Profit forecast;
  •  Ski resort operation & management.
  • Lixiang preparation and documents.
  •  Construction drawings and documents.
  •  Construction supervision
  • Infrastructure need: electricity, water.
  •  Detailed technical specifications for the ski resort equipment purchasing tender;
  • Tender document preparation for lift, snow making, earth movement...



Speech on Asia Pacific Snow Conference


  •  四季山地度假村商务和技术顾问
  • 雪场选址和总体规划设计顾问;
  • 雪场当地市场与经营环境的调研;
  • 雪场盈利能力的分析和预测;
  • 为滑雪场的设备招标提供技术参数;
  • 滑雪场的安全运营和管理顾问;
  • 立项(施工许可)文件的准备工作;
  • 施工图纸和文件的设计和现场施工;
  • 施工现场指导
  • 索道、造雪机、土方施工等设备招标文件;
  • 基础设施需求:电、水等。

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