Ski Village Urbanism & Architecture Consultant


  • Urbanism planning and architecture design for a mountain ski village is quite different from that of a city. Architecture in a mountain resort should not only meet the functional demand, create a leisure and holiday making environment, but shall also be able to be integrated into the mountain environment and be able to make itself one part of the landscape. Designers from MAS are capable of giving a soul and culture taste to the buildings, and able to make ski village comfortable, cozy and easy to live. In its long period practices, MAS has accumulated a rich experience, and is able to work out ski resort featured village urbanism plan and can also guide and cooperate with the local architect in doing architecture design according to the technical requirements of a mountain ski resort.   
Ski resort village architecture

  • MAS is also competent in providing professional technical requirements and design specifications for ski resort architecture, and introduction of factors that shall influence the sales price of real estate (ski-in & ski-out concept), linkage between the size of a ski slope network and the sales price of real estate; presentation of various possible urbanism styles for a mountain resort village; calculation of quantity of beds needed in a ski village; evaluation on hotel-nights in a ski village for the first 10 winters; calculation of the needed floor numbers of the building in the ski resort. 

Ski resort village urbanism planning


  • 滑雪度假村城镇化及建筑顾问服务
  • 山地滑雪度假村的城镇规划和建筑设计与城市的建筑规划设计有很大区别。山地度假村的建筑即要满足功能性的要求,营造出休闲度假的氛围,还要能融入环境中,成为景观的一部分。雪岭公司的设计师能够赋予度假村的建筑以灵魂和文化内涵,并能营造一个友好、舒适、便捷的度假氛围。雪岭公司在长期的实践中积累了丰富的经验,即可以独立设计出适合滑雪场度假村特色的小镇,也可以指导配合本地建筑规划设计师,按照山地滑雪度假村建筑的技术要求进行设计。
Ski Resort Village Architecture Plan
  • 雪岭公司将提供专业的滑雪场建筑的技术要求和设计参数。介绍影响滑雪场房地产销售价格的因素(如:滑进-滑出的理念)、雪道规模与房地产销售价格之间的关系、山地景区度假村各种城镇化风格的介绍,计算度假村所需的床位数量,评估前十个冬季在度假村宾馆住宿过夜的天数,计算滑雪场建筑物楼层数等。
Ski resort daylodge layout design



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