Construction Supervision & Instruction Service


  • Construction Supervision & Instruction Service 
    Any maps are not able to give all informations and it is hard to get to know all geographic conditions before mountain construction. For the purpose of having the master plan truly implemented and to promply solve problems resulting from geologic complication, MAS provides construction supervision and instruction services for mountain resorts and ski resort projects. The constructiton supervision and instruction services are aimed to ensure that construction can be done according to design concepts and drawings. The scope includes:  
    • Quality-control, cost monitoring, progress reporting.
    • Ski slopes, gathering area, lift loading and unloading stations and earth movement
    • Lift civil engeneering and construction.
    • Snow making: pump station & pipes network construction. 
    • Daylodge construction
    • Water reservoir construction              
    • Ski slope drainage construction             
    • Assistance for commissioning of the "snow equipment"
    • Training of the various people before operation
Ski Slope Construction – Shijinglong Ski Resort
Snow Making System Construction – TZL Ski Resort

  • 施工监督和指导
  • 质量控制、成本监督控制和施工进度的报告;
  • 滑雪道、集中区、索道上站和下站的土方平衡;
  • 索道土建施工监督;
  • 造雪施工监督:包括泵站与管网;
  • 雪具大厅施工监督;
  • 水库施工监督;
  • 雪道排水施工监督;
  • 协助调试各种滑雪场设备;
  • 协助组织开业前对滑雪场各类员工的培训
Ski Slope Construction – Mylin Ski Resort
Ski Slope Safety Net Inspection
Ski Slope Safety Net Installation Instructions 

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