Ski Resort Construction Drawings design


  • Ski Resort Construction Drawings design
    Before ski resort construction, there must have construction drawings, including gradient designs for all ski slopes of different difficulty and gathering area, earth movement designs on key locations of ski slopes, profile map design of local area, and location & elevation designs for lift top & bottom stations and other service facilities such as snow making pipes and pumps.
    Slope safety shall be considered in the early stage of slope design to avoid design defects that can allow for accidents on ski slopes during operation. An experienced planner knows: on ski slope under what kind of condition it is prone to cause accident, therefore this condition shall be avoid as much as possible while making the design, if it is not avoidable,the planner should have alternatives to minimize the risk. MAS Limited has a rich knowledge in this field and considers the principle of safety to be above all. Avoiding safety risks at the design level so as not to pass the safety risks to operators!   
     MAS Limited is rich in experience and specially provides safety improvement design and training service for large ski resorts.
Ski Slope Construction Design – Yabuli Ski Resort

  • 滑雪场施工图设计
Ski Slope Construction Drawing—Taiziling Ski Resort
Ski Slope Construction Drawing—Wanda CBS Ski Resort

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