Ski Market Analysis


  •  Ski Market Analysis
  •        The market is a nursing ground for investment. Without this foundation, investment can go nowhere! The ski market in each country is always changing, and China is no exception; it develops from no market to having a market, from small to large and from young to mature. For different development stages of the market, different development strategies and different planning concepts shall be adopted, and never copy the planning concepts used before.  
      In light of MAS’s ski resort planning concept, planning should take the ski market development rules into consideration, scientifically based and phased for development. According to market demand to configure ski slopes of different difficulty levels and according to the demand to adopt the most cost-effective transport equipment, but not to purchase high end equipment without a justifiable ROI.  
        After completing a global statistical analysis of newly emerged ski markets over the past 40 years, MAS invented a skier market mathematical model that can correctly forecast the market rules of a newly built ski resort.  This is an important tool that MAS utilizes during ski resort planning, and can assist investors in getting to know the future market development trend

Market Search – Skiers Origin

  •  滑雪者市场分析


Market Research Done by MAS Limited

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