Weather study


    • Weather study
    • For ski resort operation, the longer the ski season the better. Ski season length is subject to local weather conditions; we can extend it a few weeks longer by using snowmaking machines, but this requires additional investment. Ski resort business has a breakeven point, if ski season is less than a-certain-number of days, the business income shall not be able to cover its operation and investment cost, then the project shall have no value for investment. Therefore, for a ski resort investment, the weather condition should be carefully studied.    .    
      In order to conduct an accurate weather study and analyses of a ski resort, MAS has developed its own equipment and systems to collect weather data, such as temperature, humidity, sun exposure hours, snowfall depth, etc. By using said data, MAS is able to work out a detailed weather report and calculate the length of the ski season as well as the business opening and closing date.  Furthermore, MAS is able to calculate the snow making system power and capacity per hour needed to form a theoretical base for snow making system design and configuration, and further to do economic feasibility study of the project.

    Ski resort weather analysis chart

    • 气象分析研究


    Weather Station Installation—DSG Ski Resort

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