4 Season Mountain Resort Site Selec


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Paul & his team member in Mountain Search


4 Season Mountain Resort Site Selection
A 4-season mountain resort needs to operate both winter and summer activities to maximize its profit, and to extract greatest possible profit from the mountain. Summer activity is not only able to enrich business programs, but also able to improve facility usage efficiency, optimize income structure and balance income between summer and winter.

    As professionals in the mountain resort business, MAS believes mountain selection has a great impact on ski resort business and a good mountain, plus good slope and lift design, will bring the investor huge and increasing profit in the future.
    Mountain selection should not only consider the present, but also the near and far future market in order to achieve sustainable development for the project, and the possibility of resort village construction, for the purpose to have ski slope network integrated with real estate development. Therefore, mountain selection has a direct influence on future profitability of a ski resort.
    MAS Limited, upon request of our client, is able to select the most profitable mountain within a designated area, or select the most profitable master plan and business strategy for a given mountain.    

MAS Team in Field for Mountain Selection


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